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Discover the healing benefits of yoga

Discover the healing benefits of yoga

Discover the healing benefits of yogaDiscover the healing benefits of yogaDiscover the healing benefits of yoga

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We offer yoga classes at all levels and for all goals. Contact us today if you need help picking a class.

Yoga Classes


Yoga Nidra

What is yoga nidra? Nidra, meaning sleep, is a deep relaxation form of yoga, and a technique to awaken the connection between body, mind, and soul. The practice is like a deep sleep while you are still awake.

This ancient practice is becoming more popular as a form of meditation that is accessible to anybody. It has many benefits including stress reduction and increasing joy.  

Deep relaxation practice of yoga nidra has been shown to reduce blood pressure, reduce stress, and improve sleep. The practice can also stimulate thyroid function, reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and adrenal insufficiency (one study showed reduced cortisol levels in a one hour session) and aid in the recovery of muscle fatigue and repair.

The practice of yoga nidra can assist in healing psychological wounds and assists those dealing with depression and dependency. It brings a profound sense of joy and well-being to the practitioner.

This practice is done by lying in Svasana, supported and relaxed. It is for every body.

Introductory Yoga with Vicki

Introductory yoga will teach you about the practice from the beginning. Little or no yoga experience is necessary. Flexibility is not required. We will learn the basic alignment in yoga postures, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, and basic yoga philosophy. 

Hatha Yoga with Stephanie

This is an active yoga class with modifications for beginners to intermediate yoga practitioners. This class includes postures, breath techniques and meditation to allow you to integrate the ancient healing benefits of yoga practice. 

Hatha Yoga for Mobility with Kathy

 Explore greater connection to breath and body through a gentle yoga flow to increase active range of motion and strength. Suitable for Yogis at all levels of experience, including those new to yoga.